Submission Instruction

Important Dates (23:59, GMT+8, 2021)

Precautions for Abstract Submission

  • Attendees please first enter the registration page and complete the registration, after completion, you can log in and upload or edit the paper at any time.
  • Presentation types: (1) Poster Presentation and Competition (2) Student’s English Oral Presentation Contest
  • Oral and Poster presentations are both welcome. Each registered account is limited to ONE article.
  • Based on the protection of intellectual property rights, attendee must be one of the authors of the paper to demonstrate responsibility.
  • If the submitted research is sponsored by the Ministry of Science and Technology or other sponsors, please fill in the project number.
  • The abstract of the paper should be written based on the template format. The file format should be .doc or .docx and use the English file name. The maximum file size is 2 MB.
  • After filling in the relevant information of the abstract submission, please double check the abstract content and author’s information, and then submit the abstract after confirmation.
  • Before the deadline for submission, authors can modify the basic information of the paper, author information, and abstract content.
  • Payment must be completed before publication.
  • Due to the limited schedule of the agenda, please excuse us if the research cannot be presented according to the method indicated by the author.


Student’s English Oral Presentation Contest

  1. Notification
    • Details of the contest will be uploaded on TWICHE 2021 webpage after submission deadline. Please refer to the webpage. Participants need to submit their abstract via TWICHE 2021 website. For who intends to participate student’s English oral presentation contest, the abstract has to be in English. For participants of poster presentation and competition, the abstract is not limited to Chinese or English.  The template file of abstract can be found on the webpage.
    • The winners must agree to provide the conference committee with their presentation slides or poster in electronic file, for the use of the records of this conference and virtual exhibition. A permit will need to be signed.
  1. Abstract Submission and Evaluation
    • Choose □ Student’s English Oral Presentation Contest OR □ Poster Presentation and Competition when submitting abstract.
    • Considering the limited space and time for this event, symposium organizers will pre-screen submitted abstracts. Submitted abstracts fail to appear in final presenting schedule will be automatically transferred to POSTER session.
  1. Rules of the Student’s English Oral Presentation Contest
    • Participants of Student’s English Oral Presentation Contest available for students ONLY, the proof of status (eg. Copy of student card) is required.
    • Participants need to arrive presentation room 15 minutes before the session begins. Also, the presentation slides should be uploaded to the computer prior to the session or during the break. NO personal PC or notebook is allowed to use for presentation.
    • Each participant has 12 minutes (10 for presentation and 2 for Q&A) to present. As a reminder, the presenter will be notified by bell rings after 8 minutes of presenting. A second bell ring with be given after 10 minutes, for which the participant must stop the presentation immediately.
    • The grading rubric: contents (40%, including innovation, novelty, completeness), structure and organization of presentation (20%), oral expression and presentation skills (40%, including slides preparation, demeanor, time management, oral expression and answering the questions)
  1. Rules of the Poster Presentation
    • The participant must present himself/herself in front of the poster for 3 minutes during the designated time slot. Based on the contents of poster and the response to referees’ question, referees will grade all posters and select the winners.
    • The participant will not be able to attend the contest if he/she cannot mount the poster in the first 5 minutes of the session, or cannot be present when referees visit.
    • The dimensions of the poster board: 200 cm (H)*100 cm (W)
    • The suggested dimensions of the poster: A0 (119 cm (H)* 84 cm (W))
    • Participants need to mount their posters before the session starts, and remove the posters after the session closes.

Poster Presentation and Competition

  • Instructions
    • Participants who register and submit papers at this annual meeting, and choose to present their papers by poster, are eligible to participate in this competition.
    • Participants in this competition are grouped according to the field of paper submission.
    • Winners must agree to use the electronic poster of the poster for this year’s conference for file creation, editing of essays, and establishment of a virtual exhibition venue of the Ministry of Science and Technology, and they must sign the relevant authorization agreement.
  • Display Location and Time
    • Presentation location: TBC
    • Presentation time in each field: TBC
  • Poster Specifications
    • Poster board size: 200 cm (H) × 100 cm (W)
    • Suggested poster size: A0 size (119 cm (H) × 84 cm (W))
    • Authors of poster papers should post the poster on the required poster board before the exhibition time, and remove it after the exhibition time.
  • Competition Rules
    • Representative author participating in the competition should wait for the judges’ visit within the designated judging time in front of his/her poster to answer all questions from the judges. The judges will select the award-winning posters based on the content of the poster and the performance of the presenters.
    • If the representative author fails to post the poster within 5 minutes after the start of the designated judging time, or fails to attend the poster presentation before the judges’ visit, it shall be deemed to have waived the competition qualification.
  • Awards
    • Poster papers in each field will be selected according to the proportion of the number of entries, including several merit awards and honorable mentions.
    • A certificate of merit will be awarded to each winner.
  • Announcements
    • The poster awards will be publicly announced at the closing ceremony.



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